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SOLVED: No AM reception for car get FM receptio ...
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5/31/2009 · That is usually the antenna. Antenna's do go bad, as AM reception is all based off the vehicles ground system. It could be lose on the vehicle or just quite working correctly. Best Buy can trouble shoot it by using one of their antennas and grounding it to your car and pluging it …
Car Radio Suddenly Stopped Working -
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8/12/2019 · There are a few things that can cause a car radio to suddenly stop working, but it’s tough to say exactly what your problem is without knowing some more information.For instance, it could be as simple as a blown fuse if the display doesn’t come on, or it could be an antenna problem if the radio part doesn’t work but other audio sources (like CD players) do work.
No AM stations...but it's NOT the radio! - Car Forums and ...
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1/20/2007 · No AM stations...but it's NOT the radio! Malibu Car Forums Automotive Forums .com Car Chat > ... I think there is something in the car (other than the defroster) that is generating a signal that is killing the AM signal, but I'm not sure what it is. Just for the heck of it, though, I may unplug the factory antenna and plug in another one and ...
Why won't the AM radio work in my car when the FM radio ...
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5/21/2008 · Why won't the AM radio work in my car when the FM radio works fine? ... Edit: There's no way the AM antenna for a car stereo would be inside the stereo. A car stereo is a steel box inside another steel box -- your car. ... FM Radio not working in car? My fm radio works sporadically, my am works fine. What is wrong with my car radio?
FM not working on radio, but AM is | Toyota Nation Forum
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6/17/2016 · My radio suddenly decided not to work on FM, but AM sounds fine. I checked the antenna connections, there appears to be 2 of those on the back of the radio. They are both plugged in. The car has an AMP, factory, and I think that is working, or else I would get no radio ? The FM is very, very low.
Car radio is not working Inspection Service & Cost
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Car radio is not working Inspection Service The main point of a car is to get you from point A to point B, but most of us are a lot more comfortable with some entertainment along the way. Car radios have become standard equipment.
How to fix a radio light - YouTube
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3/21/2017 · The radio light on my car was not working. All i did was changed the fuse and that fixed it. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE IF IT WAS HELPFULL
Why would your car radio be getting AM but not FM - Answers
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Why would your car radio be getting AM but not FM? ... You can remove an old working antenna from another vehicle and plug it into the antenna jack of your radio to see if the signal comes through ...
Pontiac Car Stereo Repair - No Display - YouTube
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10/22/2016 · Car Stereo Help ! Car stereo repair, aftermarket, removal and install for Pontiac with “No Display”. - Car stereo, speaker, amplifie...
Why Your Car Radio Won't Turn On - Lifewire
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1/11/2019 · The unfortunate fact is that if your car radio is suddenly doesn't work, you may be in for an expensive repair bill, or even have to replace the unit altogether.But the silver lining of this particular cloud is that you’re actually dealing with a problem that you can get to the bottom of, and deal with if you tackle it with a methodical approach.
FM Radio not working in car? | Yahoo Answers
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The FM dial is not locking in on radio station. The AM dial and CD player works fine. If I do a scan the radio tries to fine a station but just runs through the entire dial. Someone told me there is a secret menu setting and that my some how got set to Asia instead of North American.
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7/9/2010 · My AM radio in my car is not working. Everything else on the radio is working properly except the AM. This is really annoying and a MAJOR inconvenience as I miss out on sports and news/weather/traffic. Please help!!! Btw..... I drive a 2003 Audi A4 Quattro.
AM Radio Not working....... HELP!!!! -
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Nope still not working heater doing the same thing radio don't work so I decided to get Sirius radio and now it just does not work at all only my Sirius Radio my CD player and my aux all work except for the actual AM FM radio the Heat on the driver side works but on passenger side it always blows cold air unless I fidget around with a passenger side