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8/22/2011 · For World of Warcraft on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "REALLY stupid question, but as Horde where do I spend honor points?".
REALLY stupid question, but as Horde where do I spend ...
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6/13/2008 · Best Answer: In orgrimmar head towards the valley of spirits. There's a building near the bridge heading to the flight masters that you zone in and has vendors. Or in northern barrens theres a pace just before ashenvale you can buy lowbie stuff with honor. Or at hammerfall in arathi highlands.
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4/23/2015 · where do you spend honor points? I've gotten some of them but i cant seem to find the place to spend them. anyone? 6 comments. ... Look for the Horde/Alliance symbol on your mini map. Legacy items are purchased in Orgrimmar/Stormwind, and MoP items are purchased on The Wall in Townlong Steppes. ... that you can buy with Honor to up your count ...
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Honor points are one of the two new PvP currencies introduced in Patch 4.0.1.They replace the identically-named, pre-Patch 4.0.1 Honor points, Arena points, and various other forms of currencies and tokens in use before that point.A higher level currency was also added called Conquest points to replace some higher level PvP tokens. However, Honor Points were removed with the release of Patch 7 ...
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2/16/2008 · Best Answer: To Spend Honor Points depends on what fraction you are with. If your are Horde head to Org, Near the Mage Trainers there is a big building with an instance for the door way. Thats where you go to spend honor points for the horde, also if you head to the Northern Barrens (i forgot the name) that is where the Warsong Gulch venders are.
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8/6/2015 · Seems like it might be a scale up to all gear. Like the highest tier of mythic raiding is 800 lets say, all pvp will be 810 regardless of a fresh 110 green or a mythic item. They didn't announce it at all but that seems like it's the best way to do it, and have PvP honor buy cosmetic stuff or something